High Level Restaurant Manager


This well-known restaurant belongs to the culinary top of Belgium and attracts an international clientele. Passion and drive can be felt in everything, from the innovative and tasty dishes to the finest decoration in the room. The service is fluent, not too mundane, but always professional. An optimal synergy between the kitchen, the dining room and the supporting staff in the office is always sought. The total team now consists of about 50 employees. The ambition to keep innovating is clearly present.


In this position, you are responsible for everything relating what happens on the floor. You are the contact person for the team and ensure that the service runs smoothly. Communication with the kitchen and guest contact are central to this. During the service you will mainly act as host or hostess. In addition, you manage the team and provide the necessary education and training for the employees.
You ensure an efficient operation and pick up matters that are not going well with the right people.
Reservation management is handled by the administrative department, but is something you follow up on meticulously. Your administrative part of the job package consists mainly of personnel planning, recruitment, orders and any support for projects.


For this job, you need to have sufficient technical experience to be able to manage the room. We are therefore looking for someone with professional pride, an eye for detail and a real feel for hospitality.

You can identify yourself with the description below:

  • Manager experience at gastronomic level
  • A real host or hostess with a passion for hospitality
  • Innovative, efficient and organisationally strong
  • Constructive and a real people manager who picks things up and gets on with them
  • Mature and communicative
  • Good product and wine knowledge


Very fair remuneration in line with the position and responsibilitie



Contact person

Claudia Koch - Quality Seekers

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